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Hey guys,

I've been trying to shop around for some aftermarket rims, but I'm so lost and can't figure out what will fit on my 91 stock capri. I am pretty illiterate when it comes to the dimensions. I know they are either 14'' or 15'' in diameter and have only 4 bolts, but the specs I read online say they are "5.5Jx14 ET45" - whatever that means. I just would like to know in layman's terms what I should be looking for.

Thanks in advance!

So there are three measurements you need to be concerned with when upgrading wheels. Diameter, width, and bolt pattern. If you go too large in diameter or width, then the wheel and tire will hit either the fender or suspension. You can fix this by rolling fenders and whatnot, but it's easier to just not go crazy large on the wheel. I'm not sure what the biggest you can easily fit on the Capri is, but I suspect a 16" wheel would be safe. Someone here can chime in with more accurate numbers.

The other measurement you need is the bolt pattern. 114.3"x4". Make sure it's that, otherwise the wheel studs won't go through the holes in the wheels.

The big consideration is wheel offset. The amount the wheel mounting surface is spaced from the centerline of the wheel. The rear is especially sensitive. The spacing between the tire and the strut is very tight in the rear. The appropriate wheel offset will vary with the wheel width. The wider the wheel, the less offset. With a 6-inch-wide wheel, I think the offset should be 38MM or less. I think the stock wheels are low 40's MM offset. If there is insufficient offset, you might use a narrower tire or use wheel spacers. If you search of wheel offset, I think you'll find several posts on it.


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