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Intercooler, Piping, & Clutch Kit


Hello, all. I'm attempting to put together a shopping list of the final few odds and ends I need in order to get my Capri up and running. As the title states, the last few big parts are"

1. An aftermarket, universal fit, air-to-air front mount intercooler. Something small enough to be fairly easy to fit in the Capri, but big enough to handle the boost pressure being increased 60% or so from stock. I hate the factory intercooler, and I hate the location/way in which it is mounted. I was looking at the J and Z line Mishimoto units. Any feedback? I'm looking for recommendations, either something you have used yourself, or something you've found that you know will fit.

2. A kit containing all of the pieces I will need to plumb the intercooler in. They have dozens and dozens of these kits around. Just looking for feedback on what is quality, and what has all of the pieces I'd need. Ideally without needing to chop up any of the piping, since I lack access to a bead roller.

3. A clutch kit, with the pressure plate, release bearing, and installation tool. With or without a flywheel, I'm okay with re-using mine for now (I'd clean it up first). Again, I know there's a bunch of options. I know I've asked about these before. Now I've got my wallet in hand and am ready to buy, so lets hear it.

That's the big stuff. I need a fuel pump, a bunch of vacuum and coolant hoses, hose clamps, and fluids. That's all pretty straightforward though. Plus a transmission, but I believe I've got the arrangements made to buy one of them in a few weeks. So, any and all feedback on the 3 things mentioned in the title, that'd be appreciated. Many thanks. Can't wait to finally hear the engine I've been building for the last year run. I'm nearly there...


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