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Dragon Bahn 2019 Meet in Cherokee NC

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Greetings, I am posting about a meet called DRAGON_BAHN 2019 that myself, Ben Rogers(Skunkwrkz), Jack Byrd (Greywolf27030) and Matt Shayka(Rocketman)\ as well as the owner of this FB page, are planning a large Capri meet for the weekend of September 7th and 8th and to be based at Harrah's Cherokee Casino. So, in order to attract more of our "Ford/Mazda Brethren" It's really a "run what you brung", Mazda related event. Festiva, 121's, Protégé, MX6, 323, and Capris or whatever and we are calling it Dragon_Bahn 2019. The main event will be running the Tail of the Dragon or other wise known as Deals Gap. 313 curves in 11 miles.....the plan for the weekend is as follows: A chilled out meet n' greet "Cars and Coffee" at the casino, on Saturday morning, running the "Dragon" in the afternoon (which will include pro Dragon photographer offering still shots or video of us driving it), and a cookout by one of the area lake's in the evening. Sunday is still in planning, as to interest about driving other roads around Fontana dam that would responsibly let the driver "let their hair down" on some other famous roads like "Moonshiner28" and there are many roads in the area for fun and pleasant cruising. Slow and quick are at your own discretion as we want this to be a responsible and safe event for all. Some back story is that I went to school in the area, at WCU and am very familiar with what is available to drive as I owned a 4WS steering MX6GT back then as well as a Honda CBR 600 motorcycle.. Lots of places in the area to stay and eat, whether at Cherokee or Deals Gap. I am working out group rates with the Casino, but am also posting a link with many other options based on your budget. There will be commemorative stickers for your ride that highlights the meet and US129, which is the actual highway name. There is also a store and hotel at the Dragon's tail if you want to stay up there but we are going to have "base camp" in Cherokee to remain central to other venues like the Casino, Lake Fontana and other driving roads as well as restaurants since Deals Gap is a bit remote. Who would be interested in an event like this?

Would like to see a lot of people turn out for some Capri fun.

Jack Byrd

Just booked a room for this, can't wait   :)

We are looking forward to this as well.....  8)


--- Quote from: badboy59 on July 12, 2019, 12:30:47 PM ---Just booked a room for this, can't wait   :)

--- End quote ---

Dang, I'm getting behind already.  See you there.

Jack Byrd


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