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Author Topic: After Running the Site....  (Read 14350 times)


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After Running the Site....
« on: November 02, 2012, 07:07:00 AM »

After running for many years, one of the most successful Capri forms on the internet. I think it is about time I put my ownership of this to rest. Since I had sold my Capri a few years ago, I have lost touch with this site a lot. That is not fair to the Capri community at all. I want to look into passing this site onto another Capri owner who I know will run this site right. I want to also make sure this owner allows some key Capri owners to help with this site in administrating the forum as well. The site has been running since 2002 which makes it over 10 years old. Never has a advertisement nor paid subscription touched this page, which was one of the promises I had to the community, since I created it back in Oct 2002. Recently I suffered the loss of my father this past Monday, at 11:57pm. I performed CPR until EMR got to the house, but it was not enough, and so he was pronounced dead at the scene. This is pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. My dad played a big role in my life, and also helped me as I did work on the Capri. So with his passing I am also passing the site on, in hopes it will get a new birth and design more fitting to today's website technologies. For this, the donations are now closed as I will not accept anything more and will leave that up to the future owner of this site. If you wish to contact me, with questions or feel you have what it takes to take over the site, email me at "ste6000 @ gmail .com" I will not be checking my teamcapri email any more after this post.

Thanks again for everyone who enjoyed using this site, and I hope to see it's future for all Capri owners to be better then it ever has been, since it's inception back in Oct 2002.
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