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ClubProtege has setup a Group Buy for an affordable helical type Limited Slip Differential. It was popular enough that the manufacturer, MFactory, has decided to carry it in their main product line.

They're not available yet, the prototypes are being tested at the moment but they should be available from MFactory within a few months.

The LSD is a direct bolt in for our transmission, MFactory is making them in 26 and 28 spline flavors. The Capri uses 26 spline axles.

MFactory is new to the Ford/Mazda scene but they are well reputed in the Subaru/Honda fields. There are drag hondas running MFactory LSD's in excess of 950hp and holding up. One of the test LSD's for the Gtype is going into a proven 10 second Ford Probe V6 turbo, we'll see how it holds up.

They will run $679.95 shipped to the US, but you'll also need a set of custom ring gear bolts and they dont have a price for those as of yet. They are currently (9-24-2013) $735 shipped to the US and come with new, custom ring gear bolts needed for internal clearance.

The original group buy thread is here
And MFactory's ordering page is here
EDIT: Their web pages keep changing URLs. If the above doesn't work try this:

Some delicious pictures:


Holy crap! Mfactory is 5 minutes from my house!
At first I was ecstatic about the idea of having a diff on the Capri, I think it was the impulsive reaction to the news that more goodies were available for our cars. Much like how some ladies go nuts at shoe sales.
Over the past week or so I've been reading up on diffs and have come to the conclusion that yes indeed they are worth while and helical cut gear types are the best option for our layout but for a noticeable affect you would need the age old problem of too much power to the ground. That's fine if you have a boosted turbo motor that you have to wrestle to take control of.
I have the SOHC 8V B6 motor. It's been Dynotested and has conclusively achieved 32.5FWkW. My car can't break traction, it can hardly break wind.
I do however plan on going turbo but I've been saying that for the past 8 years and I know if I let this opportunity pass I'll regret it (someday). U$600 is a worthwhile investment if you have the powerful motor but that's over AU$1,000 for something I wont notice the difference on until swapping the motor (BPT) and in that instance it might not even be able to mate on to the swapped gear box (can anyone confirm?)
It's definitely an upgrade I eventually want to do and I'll have a few months to decide on buying or not but after weighing those issues I ask the guru's at "Should I join the group buy?"

In short
Possession of a rare upgrade part
Boosting the economy
Finally doing something together with my American comrades from (since I can't attend the annual Capri gathering)
Will have a few months to decide before deadline
Factory is down the road so no risk of losing money through transfer
Promote local business (I'm really stretching it here guys...)

Cost AU$1,000 on a part which I probably wont notice the difference until engine swap
Engine swap also includes transmission swap (incompatibility)
Don't really NEED the part, but do WANT

What would you do? Talk me into/out of it.

Gus Kelley:
Hey Yen! Do the b6t swap or the more troublesome bpt swap first. You'll start to enjoy spending money and time like you would with any other girl that makes your life enjoyable.  Gus

Hey Gus,
The engine conversion is a major step holding up alot of things like clutch, LSD, intake and exhaust mods. One of those big mods I really don't want to do alone.
Even got to the stage where I thought about just selling the little lady and getting a cheap poo bucket to drive around in.
Once the new motor is in and running then I'll be very relieved and actually know what I want to do with her.
So many issues to handle though. Maintenance and repairing damage, right now I'm trying to figure out why the rear is leaning so much during a turn. It used to be very taught. I think I bent something underbody...

Anyway, when is the cut off date for LSD order and how many people do we need to make it a reality?

The group buy is over, but it was popular enough that MFactory will be carrying it as a mainstream product now.

The LSD won't fit in the transmission you have now. You'll need to swap to an turbo capri transmission (G25MR)

This will not fit in the N/A F-type tranny.


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