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2020 International Mercury Owners Association national meet - Colorado!

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Hi all,

Some of you may have seen that the 2020 International Mercury Owners Association national meet will be in Colorado, June 24-28th.

The show is in the Denver metro area, about two hours from where I live.

More information is here:

If there is sufficient interest perhaps we can have an early summer gathering out here?

I know there are other Capri owners out this way, perhaps if some of them are here...or in the Mercury club we can figure some sort of sideshow (er...)?



Wow, I'd like to make that. Was just through there on I70 last year.

Jack Byrd

Well, that's one...

...anyone else at least half-interested?

I might have to run up some sort of windshield wiper flyer for the cars I see out here, here and there...

In any event, we're looking at being there. I might even enter my little project...


I am interested, trying to save up a few hundred to buy a couple parts cars near me. If I can do that I can probably get my car running good enough to go that way if I can fit in my schedule.

I would love that, but that is a mighty long run from the east coast of NC!  I hope you can round up some folks out there to participate.  Good luck with the event and post some pictures. If your not on any of the facebook groups, please join.  There is more activity, but also some scavengers that want the xr2 drivetrains.



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