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Hey guys.

Thought I might toss this out there - to see if anyone would like to try their hand at making a banner for the forum here.

Current image size is 600x75px - I'd like to keep it around that size maybe a bit bigger.
I think it would have to say "Team Capri" on it, the rest would be up to you. Lets see if we can get a few, and we'll rotate through them?

Post them here!

Due to the overwhelming response I made something quick to change things up

You may have to refresh the page for it to load if it doesn't look any different to you

I went to school for this. I will give it a go. Give me a couple days time.

The "temporary" banner looks alright already. 

It feels less sterile here now.  Good job.

gary scott:
pretty cool.
looking forward to more
theunnamed1,  don't stop at 1
others may get some ideas from some creative talented displays on the banner.


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