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The forums have now been upgraded to Simple Machines Forum software. It was not simple or easy but it is done now ;)

If you run across any errors, please report them or post about them so they can be addressed & fixed.

This forum now has a lot of features that will take some time to get used to. They will greatly enhance our community as a whole, though. Enjoy!

Thank you for being part of TeamCapri.

Yes, we are missing some posts from the last month or so. These were not able to be recovered, I recovered what I could.

You Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! I know how much went into this, and I, for one am very grateful! Thank you very much for all you do!!

gary scott:
Hey Matt,
looks pretty good. How do I make a donation? I saw the donation button over the weekend. I set up a paypal account but they require a 2 day period to verify. now I can't find how to donate.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I missed the code for it when I re-wrote the landing page. I've added it back in, you may need to hard refresh (ctrl+F5 keys) for it to be visible.

Thank you!


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