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Rear Strut Bar

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Well I was wondering if anyone has thought about creating a rear strut bar. I know that the car has the renforced area for the top that adds structor to the rear. I believe that a more soild piece of metal spanning the back will help give the chasis more rigitness and better rear handling over what the car already gains from the convertiable top bay storage area.

I'm thinking about it..
It sould be pretty easy with some metal box section and few holes  

Hard part that i didnt have at all with the front one, is the hydrolic arms on the trunk lid. I do not want to remove them so Im thinking of going around them.

I didn't notice that..
Have to check how it's located..
I'm still in progress of putting engine together  

Yep, one of many I think about. Ill just have to design more ideas on paper like I did when I made my front one.


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