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     The production Capri was based on the successful 1983 Ford of Europe, Fiesta-based Ghia-designed 2-seat convertible called the Barchetta (little boat). The Capri exterior was styled by Ford's "Ghia" design studio. The engineering, the interior & folding roof were done by "Ital design" an Italian engineering/design firm. The chassis was a modified Mazda 323, mechanicals (engine, transaxle, brakes, suspension & steering) were manufactured & supplied by "Mazda Motors", a Ford Asian partner.

     There were two models, the base version, and the turbo charged XR2. Both had DOHC 1.6 liter engines. The base version was rated at an even 100 HP at 5750 RPM, and 95ft/LB of torque at 5500 RPM, while the XR2 turbo engine was rated at 132 HP at 6000 RPM and 136 ft/LB of torque at 3000 RPM. A five speed manual transmission was standard. A four speed automatic was available only on the base (non turbo) version.

     The Capri was not an immediate sales success. Ford targeted first year sales of 30,000, but less than 21,000 were actually sold, & production decreased each of the three subsequent years. Despite generally favorable reports from the automotive press, the Capri suffered from initial build quality problems, vehicle recalls, poor marketing support & a negative article in the April 1991 issue of Consumer Reports. Ford halted production when the Capri failed to meet its marketing goals & Ford believed that future demand for two seat convertibles in general, was on the decline. Manufacturing continued until the 1994 model year, with total world wide production reaching 66,279. The final year of production 1994 Ford of Australia assembled less than 4,000 Capris & of that number only 366 were XR2s.


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