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Author Topic: New For Sale Rules - 9/13/2013. READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 6672 times)


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New For Sale Rules - 9/13/2013. READ BEFORE POSTING
« on: September 13, 2013, 11:26:41 PM »

New rules for the Parts For Sale here. Just to make things simpler for everyone.

1. POST YOUR LOCATION. If it is too big to ship, location is even more important. We don't need your street address, city/state will suffice.

2. Post a price, and not "make an offer" People will ask for prices anyway!

3. Pictures - pictures tell a thousand words! This isn't absolutely mandatory, but you're trying to sell something, right? Pictures sell parts!

4. No undercutting! If you have the same item for sale cheaper, make your own thread! Do NOT post that you feel their price is too high.

5. If you are selling a whole car, please put your thread in the "Cars For Sale" section.

6. If you are a selling many new parts, this should be done through the VENDOR section. Please contact an admin on how to become a VENDOR on TeamCapri.

7. Tagging your titles:
[FS] For Sale
[WTB] Want To Buy
[WTT] Want To Trade
[CL] CraigsList Link
[EBAY] Ebay link

8. As of right now, anyone can post parts for sale. There are no post count or time requirements before you can post. That said, don't come here just to sell parts - please participate in the forum elsewhere. This will be adjusted as needed if this becomes a problem.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in:
-Warning by a moderator/Admin
-Automatic correction of the thread
-Locking or deletion of the thread in question until posting requirements are met.
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