Installing Front/Rear Speakers

(Information below provided by "capri4me", modified by TeamCapri)

Front Speaker Installation:

  1. The door will hold 6.5 inch speakers and rear holds the rarer size of 5x7.

  2. You may not have to remove your entire door, in fact. If you do you risk squeaking noises during you driving experience.

  3. Take the few screws out of the map pocket. There should be 3 or 4, and possibly one on the actual door hinge holding it on. This piece tucks into the one above it, so once the screws are out, gently pull and it will pop out. Your speaker cover may fall out too, make sure you don't lose it.

  4. Once done this should allow you enough room to remove the stock speaker.

  5. If you do not use speaker wire harness be careful when cutting the speaker wires to leave enough there for your replacements. Instead of connecting the replacements directly to the wire, you may want to purchase speaker wire harness, this is  recommend because it will be a lot easier when trying to reconnect your original speaker back up.

  6. Copper wire strand goes to red (positive)

  7. Silver wire strand goes to black (negative)

Rear Speaker Installation:

  1. First you will have to pop the hard boot and put the top up. Do not secure it, just flip it up on itself so you can expose the storage compartment.

  2. Once this is done you will see a speaker on either side, and will be screwed into place. Remove speaker making sure not to lose any of the hardware that holds it.

  3. Either connect the speakers up with the give wire that comes with the aftermarket speakers or use speaker wire harnesses, this option again is recommended for ease of installation and reconnection of original speaker if you ever want to revert back.