Installing A Mass Air Filter

The following maybe considered illegal in your state or may void
warranties if you bothered to get them extended. Make sure to disconnect you battery as a safety precaution. This is not a hard install just takes time unscrewing all of the bolts.

  1. Pop the hood. (Wow that was hard one.)

  2. Find the air box that holds the filter and unscrew the box top and remove the filter.

  3. Unscrew all of the bolts and screws that hold the base of the air box to the car. These should leave you with just the top part that is connected to the mass air flow unit. (At this time you may want to disconnect the intake tube from the MAF and unplug the wire from the MAF to the computer, but this is not necessary if your careful.

  4. The mass air flow unit is important to the car to run and will not run with out it. so you'll have to unbolt the top part of the air box from the MAF by the 4 bolts on the underside of the top section of the air box.

  5. Once done this leaves you with the just the MAF, and its time to install the adaptor and bolt it back on like the top part of the air box unbolted. (The adaptor needed is a MAF adaptor for a Mazda, Toyota and BMW.)

  6. Once done reconnect the MAF to the intake tube and reconnect the wire from the computer to the MAF. (Only needs to be done if you disconnected them in the first place.)

  7. Attached the mass air filter with the adaptor using the metal tighten ring, this should be supplied with the filter.

Congratulations! Your now done your installation of the mass air filter. Couple of notes to point out: first off you are going to need to secure the MAF and filter to the car so that the unit doesn't not bounce around or else the unit will separate from the intake tube; second you will need to start the car up and see if the car will run, this is needed if you disconnected the wire going to the MAF unit.

Misconceptions of mass air filter with the Capri. First of the mass air unit will not help turbo Capris, if you want more air into the engine look on investing money into a new air cooling unit called an intercooler. Second this unit will not add much horsepower to the N/A Capri. All this mod will allow for the N/A is to be able to breath completely and not starve during hard accelerations. This mod will give the Capri better response when driving since the Capri has a habit of not being able to draw in enough air off the bat, the tubing supplying the air is contorted to much for the proper air flow. Last misconception of mass air units with the Capri is the advantage of cold air over mass air. Cold air allows the engine to breath cooler air from the front lower section behind the bumper of the car which is more dense. This air compress more as it travels to the engine. On most cars that use vein sensors no door impedes the air flow allowing this extra air to slip past the sensor and enter the engine. The MAF unit on the Capri/323/Miata and other MAF units alike have a door that opens and signals the computer that air is entering the engine. The more the door opens the more air is signaled to the computer. In this setup it will not matter if the air is cold or hot since the same amount of air will have to force the door open before entering the intake pipe. This unit measures the amount of air that is needed to push the door open and compensates with gas and the proper timing. Other cars with vein sensors use a temperature type sensor that is hot at idle, and when the speeds up the more air passes by the sensor. This air will cause the sensor to become colder the more air the computer figures is entering the engine. Since the sensor doesn't impede the air flow to the engine, more air can pass by with out the sensor picking it up, and this is how colder air effects these engine types.