How To Get Your Fog Lights To Stay On When Low Beams Aren't On

The following maybe considered illegal in your state or may void
warranties if you bothered to get them extended. Make sure to disconnect you battery as a safety precaution.

  1. Pull the fog light switch and wires out of the dash board.
  2. Find the red wire with a black stripe. This is the trigger power for the fog lights from your low beam (12 Volt).
  3. Cut the red wire with black strip and tape off the end that leads back into the car. Leave the other piece of the wire untapped. This will be used later.
  4. Find the red wire with green stripe. This is the instrument light power (12 Volts).
  5. Take a quick splice connector blue color type and connect the red wire with black strip leading of the switch to the red wire with green, or you can splice the red wire with the green stripe and connect the red wire with the black stripe to it. (quick splice is nicer and quicker and easier)
  6. Once done, reinstall switch and put dash unit back together.
  7. As a precaution, check all lights in car so as not to have shorted out any electronics, turn signals, parking lights, headlights, and brake lights.

WOW! Now you're done. Now when your turn you parking lights on the
car fog lights will also be engaged. Also when you headlights are on
the fog lights will work with both low beam and high beam. With fog
lights and high beam combo, this creates a well light environment at
night. Hope this helped out anyone that thinking of doing this.

Note: The new power source is your interior gauge lights. So if you have the lights on at under 1/4 power then your fog lights will shut off since the relay will not be getting enough power.