Installing A CD Player

(Information below provided by "capri4me", modified by TeamCapri)

  1. You will need a "DIN tool" for this task, which is 2 metal pins that are placed in the holes on either side of the radio (purchased from advanced auto). Place the pins in until it clicks and then pull them back at the same time. This may take a couple tries, but be careful not to slip and scratch the radio. Radio should release and pull forward at least slightly.

  2. Pull it out the rest of the way and unconnect the unit from the electrical harness.

  3. First you will need to buy a wire harness adapter to fit the Capri. Make sure you get the right one for the car (ii got mine at sears) This piece will wire directly to your radio, with the other end connecting to the car.

  4. Check your radio out, observe its wiring schematics (usually located on the top of the new unit) and match them to the corresponding wire of the harness you bought.    These connections are all important, but there are a few main ones you have to be especially careful with. Black wires are usually negative, while red, yellow, and orange are usually all power wires. DO NOT let these wires touch, they will spark and you will blow fuses and possibly damage your brand new radio! Other wires include: power antenna - this wire doesn't need to be connected unless you have an aftermarket power antenna. A series of colored wires (in pairs). These wires correspond with positive and negative wires for the speakers. The solid wire will be positive, and the striped one negative. Be sure to hook solid to solid and striped to striped.

  5. Secure wires with electrical tape and wire caps.

  6. Carefully tuck any wires out of the way, so you'll have room to slid the unit in.

  7. Most units fit in nicely for the Capri, but you may find yourself using the radio cage which slides in were the radio will and then slid the radio into the cage.