Capri Definitions

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A valve used to limit the boost developed in a turbocharger. A waste gate operates by allowing some of the engine's exhaust flow to bypass the turbocharger's turbine section under certain conditions.


A uniquely formulated blend that protects and produces a durable, high-gloss finish on a painted surface. Waxes make it easier to clean a painted surface. Some also serve as polishes and are capable of removing minor paint imperfections.

    Water Pump

A pump that circulates coolant within the engine block and cylinder head. The water pump is driven by the engine crankshaft.

    Water Spots

Tap water contains calcium and other heavy minerals. When allowed to air dry, tap water deposits, act just like acid rain, and will quickly damage your paint. The harder your tap water, the more severe your spotting problems will be.

    Wheel Hop

An undesirable suspension characteristic in which a wheel (or several) moves up and down so violently that it actually leaves the ground. Wheel hop can be caused by many problems, including excessive unsprung weight, insufficient shock damping, or poor torsional axle control.


The distance between the centers of the front and rear wheel axles as viewed from the side of the car.

    Wishbone Suspension

An independent suspension that uses curved members (wishbones) to control suspension travel. A wishbone suspension offers good axle control, and limits undesirable suspension.

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