Capri Definitions

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    Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV)

ULEV vehicles are usually electric or hybrid gasoline/electric vehicles. ULEV standards are the strictest emission standards in the USA.


A handling condition in which the slip angle of the front tires is greater than the slip angle of the rears. An understeering car is sometimes said to push, because it resists turning and tends to go straight.

    Unibody, or Unitized Construction

A couple of decades ago, cars were built almost exclusively from frames. In other words, underneath everything was a basic rectangular steel assembly. Everything else on the car attached to the frame in one way or another. Today, nearly every car and many trucks are built on the "unibody" concept, for reasons of weight and cost. Unibody construction uses the body assembly itself to create the infrastructure of the vehicle and is constructed in most cases by spot welding together hundreds of smaller metal assemblies. On a modern assembly line you may see automated spot welders sparking away on hunks of sheet metal, eventually forming a car body. That is unibody.

    Universal Joint

A joint that transmits rotary motion between two shafts that aren't in a straight line. Depending on its design, a universal joint can accommodate a large angular variation between its inputs and outputs. The simplest kind of universal joint, called a "Hooke joint," causes the output shaft to speed up and slow down twice for every revolution of the input shaft. This speed fluctuation increases with the angular difference between the shafts.

    Used Vehicle

Vehicle that has been previously owned or driven.

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