Capri Definitions

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    MacPherson Strut

A combined damper (shock absorber) and spring unit. MacPherson struts also allow relatively long springs that can increase suspension travel and increase bump absorption capability.

    Main Bearings

The bearings in an engine block that support the crankshaft.


Brand name of a car or truck (ie. Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Honda).

    Manifold Heat

Most production manifolds will have some sort of exhaust or coolant passage in it to heat the intake. This helps fuel atomization, but hurts power. Cooler air is denser and denser air makes more power. Any kind of performance engine should not use manifold heat.

    Manual Transmission

Mechanism in the drive train with gears to vary the power and torque delivered to the driven wheels. It consists of a lever that the driver operates in conjunction with the clutch to change from one gear to another.

    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

Margin or gross margin the return an intermediary achieves on the selling price of the article. That is, if the intermediary buys a product for $1 and sells it for $1.50, the margin is calculated. For example, .50 divided by $1.50, or 33%.

    Market Share

The percentage of total sales represented by an individual manufacturer/importer, make or nameplate.

    Mechanic Installed Market

Vehicle maintenance and repair conducted by a mechanic/professional at a service outlet

    Medium-Duty Truck

Vehicle weighing from 14,001 to 26,000 lbs.

    Metal Forming

Solid metal and molten metal process such as casting, forging, stamping and machining.


Pure methyl alcohol produced by synthesis for use in Alcohol Dragsters and Alcohol Funny Cars.  A growing number of bracket racers feel that alcohol makes a car run more consistent and the cars easier to tune.  It certainly makes the car's engine run cooler.


A chassis layout that positions the engine behind the passenger compartment but ahead of the rear axle.


A full-size dummy of a car made of wood and clay, used for design studies.

    Model Line

Group of motor vehicles having the same platform or model name.

    Model Name

Word, group of words, letter, number or similar designation assigned to a motor vehicle by a marketing division of a motor vehicle assembler.

    Model Year

Usually defined as the year after the actual availability of a particular vehicle. For example, a car introduced in 1998 will usually be called a Model Year 1999 vehicle.


A type of body structure that derives its strength and rigidity from the use of thin, carefully shaped and joined panels, rather than from a framework of thick members. Also called "unit" or unitized construction.

    Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA)

Act which regulates the manufacture and importation of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment to reduce risk of death, injury and damage to property and the environment.


Hollow form, matrix or cavity into which materials are placed to produce goods of desired shapes.

    Multi-Link Suspension

A general term for independent suspensions that are controlled with several link arms. These links restrict undesired motion of the suspension. Multi-link suspensions provide better handling and ride control than simpler types. They are also more expensive to manufacture

    Multileaf Spring

A leaf spring with several leaves bundled together by steel bands.

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