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    Laminated Windshield

A windshield consisting of a thin layer of rubbery plastic sandwiched between two sheets of glass. When struck by the head in an accident, it bows out without puncturing, and the plastic holds the glass to prevent it from splintering.


A fast-drying pyroxylin paint often used to finish automobile bodies.

    Lateral Link

A suspension link that is aligned to resist sideways motions in a wheel.

    Leading Link

A suspension link that is aligned to resist longitudinal motions in a wheel; it is mounted to the chassis behind the wheel.

    Leaf  Spring

A long, flat, thin, flexible piece of spring steel or various composite materials that deflects by bending when forces act upon it. Leaf springs are used primarily in suspensions.


Form of contract transferring the use of a vehicle in consideration of payment.


A lousy car. The owner may become disenchanted with the car business because of all the hoops he has to jump through just to get some justice. Each state has a "lemon law" to protect consumers from such vehicles. The lemon laws apply when the problem is fairly serious, and when the car is under warranty and is unfixable in a certain number of attempts over a given mileage and time period. Once these requirements are satisfied, a consumer might expect to have a refund or to be sitting in a replacement vehicle, but of course there is arbitration. It is a long, tough road, but from time to time a consumer makes it to the finish line. If you have a lot of problems with your vehicle, consider discussing the matter with your State's Attorney General's Office. Good luck, Fool. You're going to need it.


A vertical force directed upward, produced by the airflow around a moving object: such as a car body.

    Lift-Throttle Oversteer

A handling characteristic that causes the rear tires to lose some of their cornering grip when the throttle is released during hard cornering.

    Light Truck

Vehicle weighing less than 14,000 lbs.

    Lights, Driving

Auxiliary lights that extend the reach of standard headlights. Driving lights have a narrower beam than headlights.

    Lights, Fog

Auxiliary lights that provide a wider beam pattern than standard headlights. Fog lights are usually mounted lower than headlights to illuminate below fog and reduce reflected glare.

    Lights, Halogen

Lights that provide brighter, longer lasting illumination than standard incandescent lights. Halogen bulbs are filled with a gas such as iodine. This gas reduces the gradual evaporation of the tungsten filament and increases its life.

    Lights, Projector Beam

A special type of headlight that uses a spherical reflector to tightly control the light beam. Projector beams are relatively expensive compared to standard headlights.


A closed, chauffeur-driven automobile in which the driver is separated from the passengers by a glass partition.


The theoretical path through a corner that best accommodates a late braking point, a high cornering speed, and the fastest-possible exit speed out of a corner. Race car drivers are constantly trying to following the optimum line.


A suspension member that has a single joint at each end.

    Live Axle

A rigid axle incorporating a differential and axle shafts to power the two wheels it is supporting.


The juncture at which a tire starts to skid during braking. A tire's maximum braking force is developed when it is on the verge of lockup, so a car's shortest stopping distances are produced when its front and rear tires approach lockup simultaneously. This is very hard to achieve under varying conditions of load and traction, so one end typically locks up before the other. Front-wheel lockup is inherently more stable than rear-wheel lockup.

    Lockup Differential

A differential whose two outputs can be locked together, eliminating any differential action but maximizing traction under slippery conditions.

    Lockup Torque Converter

A torque converter fitted with a lock-up clutch that can be engaged to eliminate the slip between the torque converter's input and output, thereby improving fuel efficiency and performance.

    Long Block

Usually means the short block plus the head, camshaft or camshafts, valves, etc. May include the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and turbocharger, but usually not.


A slang term for oversteer.


A slatted air intake or air outlet. Slats used to capture and control the air flow.

    Luxury Car

A well-appointed, well-equipped, well-designed and constructed auto varying in size from a compact to a large sedan.

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