Capri Definitions

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    Ignition System

Electrical system devised to produce timed sparks from engine spark plugs. Consisting of a battery, induction coil, capacitor, distributor, spark plugs and relevant switches and wiring.

    Import Name Plate

Vehicles sold by manufacturers primarily located outside North America whether assembled Overseas or in North America.


An organization that typically operates at arms length or under contractual agreement with manufacturers to bring products made in one country into another.

    Independent Suspension

This describes a suspension system wherein each wheel on an axle is sprung separately and can react independently to bumps. A non-independent suspension uses a solid, beam or rigid axle to "connect" the suspension of two wheels. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages.

    Independent Repair Shops

Mall service outlet offering specialized repair services. They usually do not sell gasoline.

    Intake Charge

The mixture of fuel and air that flows into the engine. An intake charge that consists of too much fuel is said to be 'rich' whereas, an intake charge that consists of too little fuel is said to be 'lean'. The desired mixture of air and fuel in the intake charge depends on the engine in question.

    Intake Manifold

The network of passages that direct air or air-fuel mixture from the throttle body to the intake ports in the cylinder head. The flow typically proceeds from the throttle body into a chamber called the plenum, which in turn feeds individual tubes, called runners, leading to each intake port. Engine breathing is enhanced if the intake manifold is configured to optimize the pressure pulses in the intake system.

    Intake Port

The passageway in a cylinder head leading from the intake manifold to the intake valve(s).


A heat exchanger that cools the air (or, in some installations, the intake charge) that has been heated by compression in any type of supercharger. An intercooler resembles a radiator; it houses large passages for the intake flow, and uses either outside air or water directed over it to lower the temperature of the intake flow inside.

    Internal Combustion Engine

Any engine, either reciprocating or rotary, in which the fuel is consumed in the interior of the engine rather than outside of the engine.

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