Capri Definitions

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The unit of measure for lateral acceleration, or "road-holding." One g is equivalent to 32.2 feet per second per second, the rate at which any object accelerates when dropped at sea level. If a car were cornering at 1.0 g: a figure that very few production cars are able to approach: the driver's body would be pushing equally hard against the side of the seat as against the bottom of it.

    Gas Turbine

An internal-combustion rotating engine with one main moving part the rotor with pinwheel-like blades attached. Air is compressed by the first rows of blades and delivered to the combustion chambers, from which the exhaust is directed to pass the remaining blades and to generate the power. Power is extremely smooth due to the absence of explosions and reciprocating parts

    Gear Ratio

The relationship between two gears determined by dividing the number of teeth on the driving gear by the number of teeth on the driven gear and expressed as a ratio to one. Enthusiasts will often change the ring and pinion gear set in the differential in their car to a higher ratio set, as a means of increasing the vehicle's acceleration. The trade-off to this is fuel economy, top-speed, and in extreme cases, usability.


Wheels with meshing teeth to transmit power between rotating shafts. When the gear wheels are of different sizes, a change in speed ratio occurs. Gears are made of hard steel.


A group of two or more gears used to transmit power.


A device that converts rotational energy to DC current. Generators were used in older cars to provide electrical energy for the vehicle.


A polish that is safe for use on fresh paints. Some glazes contain a mild abrasive that will remove minor surface imperfections. When a glaze with an abrasive is used, it should be followed by application of wax on cured paint or a hand glaze on fresh paint. A glaze also does not contain silicone.

    Grand Turismo (GT)

From the Italian Gran Turismo. A car combining sedan and sports car features in which engineering is the dominant feature. Combines excellent road handling qualities with relative comfort. Made in two- and four-seaters with the rear seats always cramped.

   Grand Turismo Omologato (GTO)

Borrowed from Ferrari, which had a short production run (40) of sports racing cars of the same name starting in 1962. GTO in that case stood for "Grand Turismo Omologato" the English translation of which is "Grand Touring Homologated", a fancy way of saying that it was approved for certain classes of international sports car racing.


The portion of a car's body that rises above the beltline of the car.

    Grey Market

The grey market describes the purchase by intermediaries of product which is not supplied to them by the "authorized" distribution channel of the supplier. Thus, a warehouse club in Canada that sells a stereo bought in the U.S. or elsewhere from other than the manufacturer is supplying grey market goods. While grey market products are frequently the same as would be available from conventional channels, the grey market assumes responsibility for service or repair where the manufacturer declines this support.

    Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

Maximum legal weight at which a vehicle can be operated.

    Ground Clearance

With the vehicle stationary, ground clearance is the measurement from the lowest-hanging point under the vehicle (usually a differential or the exhaust system) to the ground. A high ground clearance allows a vehicle to drive more easily off-road or through heavy snow without damaging underbody components. Ground clearance can also be measured at other key oints, such as under the frame, in order to help drivers navigate off-road obstacles.

    Ground Effect

The phenomenon that occurs when the airflow between a moving object and the ground creates down force.

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