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The Ecotec 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder engine is GM's first truly global engine, with participation by design and engineering expertise from GM organizations around the world. Ecotec's architecture results in low emissions and has flexibility to meet the needs of drivers around the globe, creating the possibility that the Ecotec could become one of the highest-volume engines in the world.

    Electrical System

In electric ignition internal-combustion engines, those components required to convert the electricity produced by the generator into a high-voltage spark for the plugs. Includes generator or alternator, points, condenser, coil, distributor and spark plugs plus wiring.

    Exhaust Manifold

The network of passages that gathers the exhaust gases from the various exhaust ports and routes them toward the catalysts and mufflers of the exhaust system. A manifold with free-flowing passages of a carefully designed configuration, called a ""header,"" can improve breathing.

   Exhaust Port

The passageway in the cylinder head leading from the exhaust valves to the exhaust manifold.

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