Second Annual Mid America Capri Gathering


Story By Bob (aka DrBob)

    What a beautiful day.  Partly cloudy, breezy and low 80's.  Perfect cruising weather.  I met Mark and his son Joshua, on the way to the park, and knew it was going to be a fun day.  It always makes me smile to see other Capri's (especially when I am in mine).  George was the next to show up.  George brought the buttons.  I can't emphasize enough how much that just tripped my trigger, I think that was just the neatest thing.

    Next came Teri and Kevin.   For some reason I think in our days, Kevin and I could of caused a lot of trouble.  Al and Karen showed up next.  Teri, Kevin, Mark, Al and Karen and I, all came back this year.  It was like seeing old friends.  Next came the double mint twins (the two white Capri's) owned by Russ and his girlfriend Diana.  After a couple of photo shoots, (ok, everybody wave, put your hands right here on the windshield, no, straighten it out, ha ha ha) .

    Oh, we even had a door prize this year.  I got some kangaroo scrotums from Australia (for our Australian cars) I had some tumbled precious and semi precious stones and put them in the scrotums.  Kind of like the family jewels.  The one with a penny in it, won the "Capri Parking Only sign".  Mark got the penny and the sign and remarked he had never won anything with his scrotum before.  After that, scrotum jokes were thrown about the rest of the day.  What a laugh,

    We headed out for New Glaris, The four original cars just a little disappointed we didn't double this year.       After a nice little drive, we got to what will now be known as "The Road"  I had to take this road recently during construction as part of a detour and  just thoroughly enjoyed it.  Hills so sharp that when you kick it going up and all you see is sky for a couple seconds.  Then your stomach drops into your lap due to almost weightlessness.  I am not going to say that we exceeded the posted speed limit, of 45, but we noticed that if you went up the hill faster, you could fly longer.

    I was most impressed by George.  Now George was our most senior member, and I was not sure how he would react to our going 4   miles per hour over the speed limit,  but I do know that when we pulled off at one point, he had a huge grin plastered on his face.  Or was that a grimice?   I know that John  had to pull over at the stop sign and "stretch" (I think it was the fact that he was almost airborne the last hill)  We all got together and marveled at the hills we just took.  It was there where we learned that Russ liked Cher and Celeine Dion.  He claims that the CD case fell off a car, but some of us were skeptical.  Wow, what a blast.

    Talk about looks,  I really didn't get to see them, but I know that Mark (who was bringing up the rear) remarked about the gaukers.  Nothing like the sight of 7 of these cars in a row.

    We arrived at New Glaris Wisconsin, and after a little work, we all got our cars lined up nice and strait, and wandered into town.  I wanted pictures of the cows.  Soon after arriving we see another Capri, so we call out to it.  Now imagine a small quaint town with a group twelve people all of a sudden shouting at some car on the street.  We heard a "Ya, we see you" and then it was gone.  Russ saw it turn and Teri went down to see of they were coming around to join us.  It was Rob and Nadine.

    We had officially doubled from last year!!!  After a brief moment of celebration and greetings,  wandered around and found a restaurant.  They were not quite ready to handle a group of 14, so we left, tasted some wine (and tasted some wine, and tasted some wine) and bought a few bottles of wine, and headed back to the restaurant.  What a lively group.  It was difficult to eat, laughing all the time.

    When we finished eating, we headed back to the cars, I got a couple of pictures of Kevin, fondling and doing unthinkable things with one of the statue cows.  ha ha. 

    We re-parked, and re-lined up our cars for our last photo shoot.  EIGHT Capri's in a row.  What a sight.  After another hour of photos and laughs, we said goodbye to Al, Karen, Mark and his son Joshua.  The rest of us headed back to Freeport.  I know that John and Michelle and I had a bit of a scare.  We had come over a hill and saw red and blue lights of a state trooper.  Brake lights went on quickly.  I thought it was John who got popped because he was way ahead of the rest of us.  But the good Lord was looking out for us, and we had no problems.

    Just as we were about back to Freeport, we pulled off to the side of the road and said our goodbye's.  It was the bypass area and all roads lead to home.  I have to say that I was supposed to go to the Weird Al concert that night, but I was wiped, and I really don't think my face could of handled any more laughing.  The cheek muscles hurt from so much laughing, and smiling every time I looked in the rearview mirror, and seeing my fellow Capri enthusiasts.

We hope to see each other again next year and meet even more Capri owners.